Fit Finder - best size advisor for Lancerto clients


Implementation of the Fit Finder tool and the Size Table module.

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Premium brand story

Lancerto is a premium men's fashion brand that has been on the market since 2008.

The company offers formal and smart casual clothing (suits, jackets, trousers), and also specializes in tailor-made clothing, taking into account the dimensions of individual customers (made-to-measure system). The brand has a nationwide sales network with locations in shopping malls of the largest Polish cities (47 stores).

Size does matter for customers

Since the beginning, Lancerto has focused on providing customers with a high-quality shopping experience in the online store. Nevertheless, users buying online are struggling with the problem of choosing the right size. As a result, the indecisiveness of the customers becomes a reason for abandoning carts and an increasing number of returns. The Lancerto brand was therefore looking for a tool that would make it easier for customers to find the ideal product, and reduce the number of abandoned carts.

In our business, providing our customers with the best possible comfort and convenience when shopping is crucial. That is why we decided to use new technologies that allow us to intelligently adjust the size of clothes when shopping online - Mariusz Serafin, Director of Marketing & E-commerce Lancerto

Fit Finder delights shoppers

To solve the customer's problem, we have implemented an intuitive Fit Finder tool that allows you to find the right size of clothing. Fit Finder is a kind of virtual advisor who provides buyers with confidence that they have chosen the right clothes for their silhouette.

Selection of an appropriate size is based on information that is supplemented by the user, such as height, weight, belly shape, chest shape, age, a more slim/oversize outfit. After filling, the user receives feedback on which size will be the right one.

From the perspective of the brand, the use of Fit Finder brings a number of benefits. First of all, the tool provides demographic data and knowledge about customers' shopping choices. The use of this tool also improves the shopping experience of shoppers, which translates into increased conversion and reduced number of returns.

Fit Finder's essentials:

Machine learning

To provide the best fit size recommendations, the tool uses advanced machine learning algorithms and the largest data set in the fashion industry.

Full customization

possibility to adjust the tool's appearance to the design of the online store's website.

Automatic recommendations

data about size are saved in the system - when customers return to the store, they do not have to fill them in again.

Perfect fit with Size Tables

Additionally, in order to improve the selection of right size, we have prepared our own "Size Tables" mechanism. Until now, Lancerto's customers have been using tables in the form of PDF files opened in a separate card. This module allows creating tables that are functional for the user, easy to complete (filters) and contain a practical guide to how to measure yourself. The tool is also easy to use from the perspective of the brand's employees.

Milestone for unique experience

Growing competition on the market means that even an attractive offer will not keep the customer in the online shop. Increasing consumer satisfaction from shopping is one of the ways to build business advantage. For Lancerto, the implementation of the Fit Finder and Size Table is another step on the way to creating a unique shopping experience for the customers who come to the online store. Moreover, these tools help the brand solve one of the biggest challenges of e-commerce - the growing number of returns. Customers can choose their sizes more easily, which reduces the number of returns, which also increase the company's profit.

Help in adjusting the size in the Lancerto store is an absolute top on the Polish market - we received such feedback from our customers. It proves that investing in the latest e-commerce technology solutions and creating new tools from scratch together with Strix makes sense - Mariusz Serafin, Director of Marketing & E-commerce Lancerto