Increasing customer loyalty thanks to Magento Commerce promotional rules


The coffee producer - NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® - increased customer loyalty by using the Magento Commerce promotional rules.

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NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto®



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Brand story

The NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® brand, owned by Nestlé, is the leader in the Polish market for capsule coffee and capsule-forming machines.

It has been operating in Poland since 2008. The key sales channel for all products and accessories of the brand is Since its migration to the Magento Commerce platform, the Strix team is the main partner responsible for technological support

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Experienced partner wanted

The key to building customer loyalty to the brand is to provide a high-quality product and good customer service. The global brand was, therefore, looking for a partner who would be an expert in the use of the platform and knowledge of Magento technology, and who would understand the brand strategy well. The combination of these competencies allowed to effectively carry out the tasks in accordance with the company's vision and policy.

Flexible adaptation to the customer's needs, speed of reaction and decision making, and in-depth knowledge of the system, which allows for optimal use of available functionalities, determine successful cooperation. Strix fits in perfectly - Anna Kurowska, NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® Marketing Manager at Nestlé


  • UX design - comprehensive design and development of sales promotion.
  • Promotional rules - configuration and testing of promotional rules in Magento.
  • Support - support in the development of the service.

Promotional strategy

It is no longer known from today that a well-prepared and managed promotion can effectively stimulate consumers to buy. Promotional rules have powerful capabilities that can increase the average value of your basket and/or increase customer engagement. By creating appropriate pricing and sales promotion scenarios, Magento allows you to attract not only new customers to the store but also to increase the loyalty of existing customers by encouraging them to buy again.

Activity Plan

The NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® brand bases its marketing activities on the Activity Plan. It is a schedule containing a list of promotional actions, their duration and a list of materials to be prepared for the shop's website. Due to the diversity of assortment, promotional scenarios and the specificity of a corporate client, all planned activities are prepared on a pre-production environment and then tested. This avoids costly mistakes.

At the same time, the operation and implementation of the promotional plan require a high degree of flexibility and quick response to changes. It happens that there is a sudden change in the number of products you want to be in the basket to get free. There are situations when you need to change the whole promotion and creation. Sometimes on the day of the start of the promotion, it may turn out that one of the two products set as free of charge has been sold out. Then we must either change the rule or delete the whole promotion. Otherwise, we will expose the customer and ourselves to dissatisfaction disappointed with the lack of product. All changes made within the project must be reported to the headquarters on an ongoing basis.

Setup of the promotion

The Magento platform has been designed with an extensive sales policy in mind. However, for the NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® brand, the Magento system on which the store is based has been deeply modified. An additional difficulty was the dedicated solutions integrated with the platform, including Oracle Eloqua (the largest marketing automation system in the world). Therefore, the configuration and management of promotions required from us not only excellent knowledge of Magento's promotion rules, but also in-depth knowledge of external systems.

It is also worth adding that in NDG 70% of promotions are not based on one basket rule. Often 3 promotional rules are created and 3 rules are created to automatically add products to the shopping cart.

Promotional codes

An additional promotional option used by NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® brand is general and individual promotional codes. The first type of codes is available for all users of the shop, registered and unregistered, is generated by Magento itself. However, if we prepare a promotion only for registered customers, and we want to send them a promotion code, it is already generated by an external system, integrated with Magento. Our team receives an Excel file with a code list that includes the promotion. The file is uploaded to the Eloque system, which contains a database of all clients. Then, to the creation of the newsletter, which we create, we connect the segment of active customers, to which the codes are added. The customer who receives an individual code in the e-mail when sending the newsletter can use it at any time. Most NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® promotional campaigns using codes are based on individual codes.

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Creation of a promotional campaign

As part of our marketing support for the NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® brand, we prepare a comprehensive creation of the following promotional tools: mailing, newsletter, main banner, banners for subpages, graphics for subpages about promotions. The same goes for mobile creations.

When designing, we must adhere to certain guidelines such as the size of graphics, colours, selected elements. Everything must be consistent with the brand's marketing and sales strategy. At the same time, we wanted the creation to be not only clear and legible in every case, but also to inspire trust among users.