Magento 2 as a digital transformation remedy for Super-Pharm


Implementation of Magento 2 Commerce for the biggest pharmacies & drugstores chain in Poland.

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Brand story

Super-Pharm is an international chain of stores that combines a pharmacy, a drugstore and a perfume shop in one place.

It has 75 active outlets in Poland. For years, the company has been recording constant success in traditional sales. The launch of the sales platform was a natural way for the company to grow towards the omnichannel model, as well as a way to increase competitiveness.

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Time for omnichannel

The Super-Pharm brand needed a solution that would allow for the best presentation of the product range and enable customers to purchase safely regardless of the place, time and device used. The company also wanted the new online store to help acquire new groups of customers, which Super-Pharm had not previously been able to reach in stationery stores.

Scope of work

The scope of work related to designing an e-commerce system on Magento 2 was divided into 6 points:

  • The first one was the analysis of business processes taking into account the integration within the organization and the operation of an external logistics operator.
  • The second point is to develop a multi-channel sales strategy in the form of subsequent stages of implementation of individual departments, i.e. perfumery, drugstore.
  • The next step was the UX/UI interaction project.
  • Next, our task was to prepare the organization to change and achieve the intended business goals,
  • Change the menu architecture by creating a "Mega Menu".
  • Redesign the steps of the purchasing process.

Change in information architecture

Well-designed and clear navigation is one of the key elements of any e-commerce system. It is a kind of signpost for the user, who should find the desired item as soon as possible and be able to purchase it. In the case of the Super-Pharm store, whose structure includes the corporate website, dermo-cosmetics, perfumery, and each of these departments is developed into subsequent subpages and subcategories, we prepared a dedicated module - "Mega Menu". It makes menu operation simple, intuitive and visually attractive for the user. Most importantly, it allows you to purchase products also from the corporate level.

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New checkout

One of the key elements of the purchasing process is the shopping basket. We have improved its appearance, functionality, exposed the value and preview of the basket, as well as a map with a list of stationery shops where you can pick up orders. In order to encourage the user to set up an account and log in, we have also in the shopping cart - when you go to the checkout you will immediately receive a message about the possibility of registration.

Progressive expansion of the product range

The first version of e-commerce started as a brand website connected with perfumery. When the service was successful, we gradually expanded our range. First, cosmetics were added to the online offer, then dermo-cosmetics, and in the first half of 2018 - pharmacy articles. The latter activity covered all three departments of stationery stores.

Starting a pharmacy management

The pharmacy part of the service was created in accordance with many legal restrictions on the presentation of medicines. The project included changing the appearance of the header and footer, listings and product cards. We have analyzed the categorization proposed by Super-Pharm, reconstructed it to the extent allowed by the ERP system and tested the developed solution with the help of Tree testing (UX technique used to assess the possibility of finding the given topics on the website).

case study magento 2

Implemented solutions

Smile Elasticsearch

An extensive search engine prompting queries, categories and products already at the stage of entering the phrase.

ERP system integration

A source of information on sales, warehouse and logistics processes.

POS system integration

Magento feeds it with information about new orders and returns, which allows the customer to communicate with Super-Pharm employees in the customer's stores.

Lifestyle Club

Integration with the loyalty program, which is an inseparable element of Super-Pharm brand marketing activities.


Integration with the Ceneo price engine allows you to transfer data from the shop to the price engine. This is done by means of an XML file created on the shop side, which is downloaded by the comparison system. For this purpose, we have prepared a dedicated module integrating the offer of the Super-Pharm store based on the new Magento 2 engine with Ceneo.