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Design and implementation of e-commerce platform based on Magento Commerce.

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Brand story is the e-commerce platform launched in March 2018 by I’M Inter Motors, the company focused on wear and motorcycle parts and accessories sales.

This is the first and the largest chain of stores in this industry, previously known as Inter Motors.

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Fast challenge

Our goal was creating a sales platform to represent I’M Inter Motors after going through a rebranding. We wanted to extend (the domain of the new website) not only to have sales functionality but also to give it means to become a place to meet and exchange experience in the motorcycle community.

The key factor was time: the project and its implementation had to be released publicly within 3 months. This rush had been the result of motorcycle season which was to begin shortly after, something that I’M Inter Motors didn’t want to miss.

It was a rough time and enormous effort from our team, however, we’ve managed to meet the deadlines. This project is our personal record when it comes to implementation time, what’s more, it’s one of the fastest implementations in Europe - Borys Skraba, Strix CEO
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Focus on personas

To prepare the designing process, we've created “Personas” (every customer segment has been assigned to a different person with their unique name, last name and story). That’s how Adam was created (low-income beginner), Lucas (high income beginner) as well as Mariusz and Kuba (experienced with similar income).

Personas are very important, they allow us to “become” certain person. They allowed us to know exactly who are we designing the platform for.

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Functions & their priority

We’ve created a website function list for our “personas”. We’ve wondered what is their interest while navigating? What are their expectations? What can help them with their user experience? Product Information Canvas tool helped us to systematize our knowledge and ideas in that matter. We also had to decide which of those function to include in MVP. After discussing it further with our developers we’ve made our final decision.

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Information Architecture

Creating information architecture flowchart (flowchart AI) helped us to pinpoint all subpages, that had to be designed, their content and relations among them.

We’ve got our pencils and sketched all the subpages individually. All those ideas were confronted during the overall meeting and merged into one coherent pattern volume. Even when you don’t have time to complete the whole Google Design Sprint, it’s worth to take even single elements out of it. Collective sketching is one of them. It’s a huge payoff to you, as a designer as well as a client, who receives this sketch.

Many companies skip the whole pre-project processing. It's a huge misstep in my opinion. Even in a very short time, we’re capable of solid preparations, giving us insight about our target users, what should we focus on while designing, what we want to achieve and letting us minimize the risk of encountering various problems in the future - Marcin Piwowarczyk, Commerce Design Director, Strix VP
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Design & copywriting

We’ve started graphic design by familiarizing ourselves with brand book. Everything had to be coherent both online and offline – with huge physical store network.

I’M Inter Motors is bold and open to new experience, that’s why we’ve decided to take a bold move and introduce copywriting in different language, which goes well with modern brand style as well as being part of wider community.

Slants and colour palette emphasize the dynamic character of the brand, which has been properly used in the design. Every designed part eventually went through design review, meaning evaluation by the whole UX team. We’ve made some changes / alteration when needed and continued with our work.


The whole design was presented to the client as prototype using inVision tool, enabling remote review and additional feedback. What’s more, all the changes applied to the project could be reviewed and displayed up to date. Designing in Sketch tool solves the issue when parts of the project are ready, however, the client has to wait for the newest version to be available for review.

ecommerce case study

Implemented solutions

  • Cloudinary – we’ve integrated with external media resources and created the option to switch between native Magento gallery and media from eternal sources.
  • GDPR- we’ve integrated with external service provided by the client with GDPR agreements
  • Receipts – we’ve created module capable of creating graphical receipt object and saving it in the database with text data. When uploaded as .pdf, it’s automatically converted to .jpg
  • Importer – we’ve implemented uploading spreadsheet (ex. CSV file) with products, which are sent to Magento in next step. It also creates a configurable product based on simple ones with the possibility to update them by the client. Periodically Magento stocks and prices are updated based upon database view shared by the client.
  • Cache management – we’ve created functionality to queue full page cache flushing  – we collect all the flush requests and launch them simultaneously.
  • SMS service- we’ve integrated with infobip sms via REST API
  • Smile Elastic Search – we’ve implemented plugin extended searching and filtering mechanisms
  • Przelewy24 – integration with payment service
  • Ansible's deployment – we’ve created procedure using ansible technology, allowing us to simplify the deployment process
  • Gatling – we’ve written different scenarios and created load and performance tests