How fashion retailer automated the order management process


Implementation of an advanced order management automation system (OMS) integrated with Magento for the fashion industry leader.

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The client struggled with challenges of order management and distributed storage system. To solve the issues we have developed a dedicated order management solution for their Magento implementation.

One third of the entire customer SKU was available in the online store integrated with a dedicated central warehouse for ecommerce. The remaining part of the new collections and the most popular sizes was available in the customers brick and mortal stores, not available in the central warehouse. Lack of the aggregate information about the availability of products in brick and mortal stores made it impossible for customers to buy 2/3 of the assortment, or to place an order and pick it up in the store.

Automate order management

The order management system (OMS) built by us not only gives the opportunity to order based on brick and mortal stores, but also automates and optimizes the entire process, both on the user’s side and the logistics.

When an order is placed the OMS system, on the basis of appropriate rules, assigns the order to the appropriate store or warehouse. In order to set the priorities correctly, administrator can create different groups of priorities e.g. A, B, C (increasing priority: A- the lowest, C – the highest) and different condition. The system decides which group of stores or warehouses should process the order and checks the availability within a given group. In case the customer chooses to pickup in store, the order is assigned to the selected store. Incase an order should be processed by 2 or more stores or warehouses, the OMS can divide Magento order into separate orders, handled by different warehouses. In such case the system notifies user about the orders processing changes and warns about multiple shipments. To optimize a cost of shipping and handing different orders to a given customer can be merged to one Magneto order.