New website design & Magento implementation for Szynaka Furniture


Develop an e-commerce service based on Magento and its implementation on the Polish market.

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Szynaka Meble
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Brand story

Szynaka Furniture Group is a multi-generational family business, operating in several dozen countries around the world.

It includes Szynaka Furniture - the largest Polish manufacturer of box furniture.

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Customer needs

  • Support in developing an e-commerce sales process that will benefit both the manufacturer and the partner stores it works with
  • Preparation of the website, which will implement image goals and build brand awareness among the new target group
  • Creation of a platform that gives the possibility to manage the flow of orders both through the company's headquarters and individual showrooms
  • Preparation of detailed guidelines on the basis of which product information will be developed
  • Make the entire product catalogue available, containing relevant information for both B2C and B2B customers

Implemented functions

Filters & data

Detailed filters and technical data of the products are the results of extensive assortment analysis and research with users.

Extensive search engine

Suggests categories, collections, phrases and products, making it easier for the customer to find the information they need.

Enhanced Content Management

A proprietary page builder tool allows you to create visually effective static pages.

Strix Magazine

Allows displaying newspapers, catalogues and brochures.

Strix Integrator

Importer allows importing data from a spreadsheet without developer intervention.

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The key to discovering customer needs

One of the first steps we took was to conduct research in selected partner stores of Szynaka Meble. We based them on a questionnaire form using the Likert scale and the observation technique. The hard data obtained were complemented by empathy maps. This allowed to select groups of Szynaka's customers, learn about their motivations and worries, and consequently design the whole user journey (Customer Journey Map) to meet customers' needs.

User Centered Design methodology

We based the design process on the assumptions of Google Design Sprint. On the basis of previous research, reports and analysis of the competition, each member of the design team has prepared his or her vision of how the information will be distributed on the site. After confronting all the ideas and selecting the best ones, we made a project mock-up for the client.

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Product information & facet navigation

One of the conclusions drawn during the research phase indicated that consumers expect precise product descriptions on the furniture store website. For this reason, one of the most important tasks was to create and introduce new content to the website. For each category of the assortment, we have prepared a set of attributes from which the customer has collected data. The effects of actions taken can be seen on the product card in the Description and Technical Data tabs, as well as in the form of extensive filters on the category page.

The power of storytelling

"Always close to people: that's the motto of Szynake Furniture. We took this motive from this, creating a story that starts on the home page. It outlines the brand values to the customer and guides him step by step through the range.

Storytelling also has a sales function, promoting selected categories of furniture, as well as an inspirational function, thanks to interesting texts and referring the client to the arrangement of rooms.

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New corporate identity

The nature of the brand, assortment and observation of customers determined the graphic direction in which we decided to invest. Szynaka Meble is a multi-generational family business, combining tradition and history with dynamic development and modernity. The new graphic style is characterized by modernity combined with history. For this reason, rectangles with gentle, rounded edges have become the basis of the project. Combined with an oval but simple cut fountain, the whole thing gives an impression of safety and classics. In order to emphasize the dynamics and progressiveness of the company, we decided to use large photos and take advantage of the advantages of the light game.

Our intention was to evoke an association with a modern, printed catalogue of beautiful photographs, encouraging us to delve into it. The large photos also allow you to recreate the experience from the furniture store, where the furniture surrounds the customer from all sides.

Enhanced Content Management

Simple and easy to use the system for building and managing static pages was one of the challenges of the project. After analysis and testing of the extensions available on the market, we decided to create an original functionality. For the purposes of the project, we have therefore developed a system that significantly extends the standard functionalities of Magento CMS. Our solution has a simple interface, does not generate unnecessary code and allows you to insert content through a WYSIWYG editor, Magento widgets, custom HTML code and CSS classes. The manual arrangement of the tiles for each breakpoint ensures complete responsiveness of the site

Efficient salon management

The salon management system allows you to create salon pages according to a specific template, add and hide selected content, display photo galleries, regulations and other downloads. You can also specify the type of living room and its location on the map. Each salon can have its own account in the administration panel to manage the flow of orders.

Search engine with hints

An extensive search function allows you to display a list of hints with thumbnails of product images. It suggests not only products, but also categories and collections. As you type in successive question marks, the prompts are dynamically narrowed down. You can limit your search to a selected furniture category. The administration panel has added a feature to import synonyms from a CSV file to make them easier to manage.

System for managing import profiles

Our knowledge and experience with previous Magento implementations resulted in the creation of a new, powerful tool - fully configurable from the level of the administrator's panel. Its principle of operation is based on mapping data from the CSV file to attributes in Magento 2. The user launches any spreadsheet editing program, creates columns named e.g. "product name" and "color", completes rows e.g. "chair 1", "yellow" and saves the whole with the extension.csv Then, in the administration panel, Magento defines that data from the "product name" column is to be copied to the previously created attribute "product name" and data from the "color" column to the "color" attribute. The last step is to upload the CSV file to the panel and start importing. The whole process is a significant facilitation for the client, who can now manage the imported data independently, without the need to involve developers.