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Why is B2B e-commerce platform worth implementing in the construction industry?

Digital transformation in the B2B market is gaining momentum and revolutionising more industries. One of these is the construction industry. What kind of challenges do B2B construction companies face and how modern tools can support them in launching online sales?

The launch of an ambitious e-commerce platform based on Shopware

For a supplier in consumable parts of materials in equipment maintenance and repair, Strix realised an ambitious e-commerce platform based on Shopware.

How is the role of the sales representative changing with the digitalisation of the B2B sector?

The potential of B2B e-commerce is continuously growing, along with the awareness of digital transformation benefits. How is it affecting the role of sales representatives, and therefore companies' business efficiency?

2023 is behind us! What happened in the second half of the year?

We ended 2023 with satisfaction and sense of development, both on an organisational and individual level. Webinars, onsite events, ebooks, awards, training sessions, team integrations - these are just a substitute for what has been happening at our company over the past six months. In this article you will find a detailed summary of the most interesting events of the second half of the year at Strix.

6 e-commerce trends for 2024

The value of the global e-commerce market is expected to grow by $16 trillion in 2023. How can this potential be used? In this article we will present the most important e-commerce trends for 2024.

Silver Generation in e-commerce - how to take care of the shopping experience of the 50+ group?

The over-50 generation is more than ⅓ of Europe's population. Despite this, brands continue to target their communication and offerings primarily to the young, neglecting the older customer group. How to improve the shopping experience of the Silver Generation?