B2B platforms

B2B consumers look for products and buy online - this is the reality of e-commerce. B2B companies that delay with the digital transformer risk losing market share to their competitors. In Strix we implement e-commerce services for B2B (Magento), helping our customers to increase sales. See what we can do for you.

Grow your business

With an effective B2B e-commerce system, your business will be able to grow and scale to meet market demands and customer needs. You will open up sales to new channels (omnichannel) and will be able to introduce your products to new markets faster.

Sell more

A well-prepared B2B e-commerce service gives great opportunities to support sales, among others, it allows you to display appropriate and personalized product recommendations, as well as cross-selling and up-selling.

Get new clients

97% of B2B consumers do research on products online. To sell more, you must be where your customers are. Moving your offer to an online store gives you the opportunity to reach new target groups and get more customers.

Make better decisions

Each B2B store can be integrated with other systems - PIM, ERP or CRM. All of this allows for easy insight into all business processes, and thus allows you to catch bottlenecks, optimize and make business decisions faster.

According to the Forrester Research report, 93% of B2B customers prefer to shop online rather than directly from a trader.

Match the best features for B2B business

At Strix we create online stores that contain all the key features to ensure efficient B2B online sales.

  • easy-to-use editor that allows you to add product content
  • seamless integration with ERP, PIM or CRM systems
  • shopping templates matching the mobile
  • efficient execution of orders and invoicing
  • multi-level pricing system
  • several language options
  • easy user management
  • possibility to sell B2B & B2C from the one system

Choose the top-notch partner

For over 10 years we have been helping our customers in the B2B digital transformation. We implement efficient omnichannel and e-commerce solutions. Our team of specialists, developers, UX-designers and project managers will help you create a B2B online store that will allow you to sell more.

Read case study how we created an efficient B2B e-commerce system for Lynka.

Start a B2B platform in three months with B2B Box by Strix

B2B Box by Strix is a full-featured platform that will allow you to launch sales in just three months.

With B2B Box you will expand your customer base, increase revenue and gain a competitive edge.
It's a solution based on a stable e-commerce engine that allows you to sell in multiple markets, multiple languages and multiple currencies.
Check out the details and download the full scope of the solution.

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