Digital Commerce Strategy: Let‘s do it together

Whether you are starting to sell online or want to expand your existing shop – choosing a technology architecture is crucial to ensure the stability, performance, and ability to grow. We’re here to help you finding the best technologies to support your business goals. 

We work shops

You’re special, that’s why we take an individual approach and conduct strategic workshops. Here we will:

  • Understand the processes and guidelines in your organisation
  • Go step by step through all the most important elements in online sales (such as managing warehouses, product catalogues, orders, suppliers, prices etc.) 
  • Analyse growth plans
  • Understand the changes you want to make
  • Consider your technology preferences

At Strix, we know that it is not only the functionality of e-commerce platforms that determines high sales, but also the design and adjustment of all key processes within the organization. 

After gathering your needs, we match them with specific solutions and recommend the best technology architecture for your business. 

The future is Composable

Regardless of the industry or type of business, sales models are changing rapidly. That’s why we love designing e-commerce architectures using a Composable Commerce approach.

Composable Commerce is a future-proof and system development-oriented solution. Unlike creating a monolith, this approach uses modern technologies such as microservices and APIs to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the e-commerce market. So you can select best-in-class solutions to perfectly match your business objectives.

Let’s talk strategy

If you’re looking to get your shop onto a solid foundation – let’s get in touch, we’re happy to talk about the best solutions for your business.

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