Customer experience revolution with Magento


The underwear manufacturer streamlines the customer experience thanks to advanced Magento implementation.

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Brand story

Obsessive is one of the most recognizable and popular erotic lingerie brand in Central Europe.

A high dynamics of band expansion made it necessary to change the e-commerce system.

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The sales platform of expanding brand, supporting both B2C and B2B channels, must be efficient and flexible. Due to the specifics of the manufacturer’s operations, the project required seamless integration with the ERP Navireo system as well as advanced administrative and payment solutions. Another challenge was to design an e-commerce platform that will reflect the spirit of the brand with such a special product as erotic lingerie.

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B2B solutions on Magento

Extending the B2B features of Magento functionality we have implemented:

  • Improved Magento checkout with advanced methods of delivery and payment
  • Settlements details and order history for Magento B2B customers
  • The advanced registration form for B2B customers
  • The advanced B2B promotion system
  • Advanced management of users, their data and accounts
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Magento & ERP integration

We have integrated the new e-commerce platform on Magneto with Navireo ERP, which enabled the launch of B2C and B2B sales in the Internet channel without a significant impact on the organization and logistics.

The system has been configured to work with two currencies and three languages. The integration with the VIES determined appropriate VAT calculation.

Innovative design

In the user interface design, our team put emphasis on a completely changed look and feel, highly exposed product, increased usability and extraordinary shopping experience. We took care of every element of the project, to reflect the spirit of the brand.

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Information architecture

The product categorization and the placement of elements on the home page allow users easy navigation. Thanks to this approach an inexperienced user has the opportunity to learn about products, see how they are made and increases the chance for another visit in the store. Meanwhile, more advanced users, who know the assortment, should easily find the products and make a purchase.


The home page is built around sexy, spicy, and fun collections, with works as a story about how sensual lingerie can look like. We wanted to show customers not only the product itself but also to provide inspiration and extraordinary satisfaction with the purchase.


Texts that have been created to add piquancy and improve shop consistent with the brand idea.

  • “discover more” – allows you to view the rest of the product page
  • “they have already done it” – allows you to get to know the comments of other users
  • “change position” – allows you to see a photo of the product from a different page
  • “show foot” – allows you to access footer of the page
  • “flirting” instead of filtering – specify the filtering options
  • “go boldly” – allows you to go to the contact options in the B2B store
  • “how we do it” – refers to subpages describing how the products are made
  • “if you prefer” sharp / mild “- allows you to filter products according to their nature

Color scheme

Strong, clear, bold colors corresponding to the brand and key visuals of Obsessive brand.


They bring the right atmosphere and dynamics to the site.

Category page

Is designed based on clear categories, banner section, thoughtful filtering, functional and technological icons. In addition, category page perfectly expose large product images, present product on the model on both sides.

Home page

Home page increases sales thanks to bestsellers section and information banners: “you do not know what to choose, we will help, we will advise you”. Sales in supported by a blog with tips, a tab with information on how to choose the size.

case study magento