Omnichannel sales support for the Tous brand


Implementation and development of e-commerce platform for Tous brand (Polish, Slovakian and Czech market).

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History of cooperation

Tous is a luxury brand offering jewelry, handbags and accessories in 47 stores in Poland. The brand was established in 1920 in Spain. On the Polish market, Tous is popular among many committed customers.

For many years we had the pleasure of supporting the Tous brand in e-commerce development, based on omnichannel strategy. During this time, we performed a number of implementation and optimization works. Thanks to that, our client could effectively realize its business goals, using a modern e-commerce platform adapted to the latest market standards. As part of our cooperation, we upgraded the e-commerce system to Magento Commerce and assisted our client in launching online sales on the Czech and Slovak markets.

Our cooperation has been associated with many successes, including the implementation of the world's first Magento Inventory (a.k.a. Multi-Source Inventory), which was in the finals of the Imagine Excellence Awards 2019 in the Best-in-Class Omnichannel Experience category.

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Implemented solutions

Upgrade & optimization

For the brand, we performed an upgrade of the e-commerce platform to the latest version and implemented the Magento Inventory (MSI) solution, which enabled them to engage stationery stores to store orders. MSI is a solution that our client used to efficiently manage inventory across multiple sales channels and execute an omnichannel strategy. We upgraded the system just before Black Friday, which helped the brand increase sales by 13.6% during the period.

Upgrading the system also involved extensive optimization work (frontend and backend). As a result, we were able to speed up the store's operation and create an efficient e-commerce platform.

For many years of cooperation Strix has proven itself as a trusted partner that has supported our brand in its development. This experienced team knows e-commerce like no one else, understands business needs and takes the initiative to propose innovative solutions. Under the leadership of an exceptional Project Manager they have been a great support for us during strategic periods for our company and during the biggest sales peaks, making sure that the Tous online store is always reliable - Magdalena Staszczyk, E-commerce Manager CEE, TOUS Jewelry

Support during sales peaks

Two periods of the year - Tous Days and Black Friday - were extremely important for the Tous brand in terms of sales. At that time the brand offered its customers big discounts, special products or products in sets with gifts. During these periods, traffic in the store increased rapidly and amounted to almost 60,000 users per day. Preparing for the sales peaks required a number of actions so that the e-commerce system would not be overloaded with record traffic, including: server and platform optimization, load and overload testing.

Special promotions

Due to the specificity of the industry in which our client operates, any solution allowing to create special promotions for engaged customers was very important for him. Therefore, we prepared an option that allowed to set this type of promotions for different ceilings of discounts in the store depending on the type of customer. For example, when the brand's golden customer used a dedicated code, special rules were activated in the e-commerce system, lowering individual products by a different value (e.g. chain by 10%, earrings by 20%, purse by 30%). The module for creating special promotions was fully customizable and could be managed as needed.

Implementation of new delivery & payment methods

We launched new delivery methods such as Inpost and various payment methods (Blik, PayU, Paypo - payment up to 30 days). Additional work we did was to optimize the checkout in terms of presenting payment methods to users - after the changes, the customer sees all available methods immediately in the shopping cart.

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Launching a blog

As part of the cooperation, we prepared a company blog, which aimed at better positioning of the website in search results and building awareness of the Tous brand. On the blog we presented inspirational and educational content - the brand gained space where it could educate its customers and give them advice about products (e.g. how to choose ring size, etc.). The blog was also a place where products were presented in a specific context, thus supporting sales. The blog module was fully editable and used the capabilities of the Page Builder tool in Magento.

Check availability at the showroom

We launched an option that allowed users to check product availability in the showroom. After selecting a city, the user clicked the "Check availability" button and received a list of showrooms in the area, where the product was available and could, for example, book it by phone. This module was created using Magento Inventory (MSI). The administrator was able to freely add or remove individual locations and information about the stores such as opening hours, photos, etc.

Find your Tous salon

Map of stores is another dedicated module, which we prepared for our client. The module was used to search for stationery stores of Tous brand. It could be fully managed from the administrator level. An additional option was connecting a given store with the WhatsApp application - the user could contact a selected store and order products or ask the store's staff for support.

omnichannel case study

Same-day delivery

We created a module that allowed the product to be delivered on the day of the order. This solution increases the quality of customer service and builds a positive shopping experience - especially during holidays and special promotions. Same-day delivery option influences the purchase decision of the buyer, who finds it harder to resign from the purchase knowing that he can have the product on the same day. From the technical side, the module allowed to map points of sale with the postal codes of individual stores. The store administrator decided which regions could have this shipping option. The user had a choice of same-day delivery, if he met the right conditions (all products selected by him will be available in the right warehouse and at the right address). Instant delivery is a great way to stand out in the market and build omnichannel sales.