The launch of an ambitious e-commerce platform based on Shopware


or a supplier in consumable parts of materials in equipment maintenance and repair, Strix realised an ambitious e-commerce platform based on Shopware.

E-commerce platform based on Shopware

The platform manages and presents the supplier's extensive product range. In realising the platform, the major challenge was to integrate 2 million products at go-live, with the possibility of growing to 5 million products. A user-friendly interface and an efficient search function were essential, to make the platform attractive to end users such as mechanics. All this had to be completed within six months.

International cooperation

The project, carried out by an international team from Strix, followed a systematic and goal-oriented approach. During the Discovery Phase, there was intensive collaboration with Strix DE's CTO to determine the optimal design of the platform. By applying the Agile/Scrum method with 3-weekly sprints, the team was able to continuously test and improve performance. A dedicated Product Owner was involved with the development team from the Netherlands and Poland.

A platform with capability for 5 million products and 8000 categories

The Shopware 6 platform includes more than 2 million products spread across 8000 categories and it is possible to grow to 5 million products. It includes live links for graduated pricing/discounts and a comprehensive queuing system to manage priority between price and images. For product management, the Akeneo system is used, with Alumio and FTP links for CSV products and loose media. A notable feature is the advanced dynamic search function, which cleverly recognises product numbers and search terms. An innovative 'exploded view' functionality has been integrated into the new platform. This feature provides detailed, visual views of complex products, with each component clearly separated but logically positioned. This makes it easier for customers to identify specific parts and understand how they relate to the whole, which is essential for repair or replacement.

Digital transformation to a user-friendly platform

The end result is a complex digital transformation to a 4-language, user-friendly platform. The search function and recognisable design contribute to an improved user experience. The platform is stable, can manage a large volume of products and offers extensive search engine optimisation capabilities. It is flexible and scalable, ideal for growth and adapting to changing business needs.

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