B2B Box – the e-commerce solution for business-to-business retailers

Julia Łączyńska

s launching an online shop in the business sector in 3 months possible? Now it is! We’re proudly introducing the B2B Box by Strix - a solution for the express implementation of a business sales platform.

Who did we create B2B Box for?

The business sector is still largely based on face-to-face relationships between clients and sales representatives, but more and more organisations are recognising the need to launch a new distribution channel. And the most promising one is e-commerce. 

B2B Box was created for companies that offer their products and services to business customers and want to start selling online quickly. It’s the perfect solution for those who want to try out the potential of e-commerce, develop sales in foreign markets and get a quick return on investment. 

Why should B2B companies invest in e-commerce?

The B2B e-commerce market is currently worth $8.5 trillion and is projected to reach $18.8 trillion by 2027. In comparison, the market of B2C e-commerce is estimated at $5.7 trillion and will reach $10 trillion by 2027. These figures clearly show the enormous potential of online business sales.

The B2B sales model, which has been established for decades, is based on a direct relationship with the customer in the form of business meetings, phone calls and emails. This individual, personal approach seems to be the key to maintaining high profits and customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, as McKinsey points out, B2B companies report the same revenue from online sales as from face-to-face sales, and up to 85% of B2B customers prefer digital solutions without talking to a salesperson when making purchases.

A barrier that stops many companies from adopting an e-commerce platform is the fear of a long and very costly process to launch an online shop. B2B platforms are complex and require a specific set of functionalities – making the implementation process potentially lengthy. The solution to this problem is our B2B Box by Strix, allowing you to start selling online in as little as 3 months.

What is B2B Box?

B2B Box by Strix is a solution that allows you to quickly implement a functional sales platform in the business sector. It’s based on the stable Adobe Commerce Magento 2 engine, used by market leaders worldwide. The basis of B2B Box is the ready-made templates that allow for the express launch of sales.

Within B2B Box, there is a set of services allowing the launch of a sales platform and the implementation of functionalities designed to meet the specific needs of the business sector.

Features of B2B Box by Strix

  • Cross-border sales support by handling multiple markets, currencies and language versions.
  • Pre-built templates for customer dashboard, product management, order processing and stock management.
  • Customised roles and permissions for sales and client-side employees.
  • Direct data integration into the sales system.
  • Individual configuration of available delivery and payment methods.
  • Possibility of assigning a sales supervisor to a customer account.
  • Individual pricing of each product for individual customers.
  • Personalisation of price lists for customer groups and setting of default prices.
  • Import and export of prices using csv files or through direct database integration.
  • Import of products and prices using csv files or through direct database integration.
  • Management of orders during temporary unavailability of goods.
  • Merchandise reservation handling.
  • Repeat orders.
  • Simplified order and return process.
  • Integration with the Ergonode - product information management tool.
Ecommerce solution for B2B

Scope of implementation of B2B Box

The B2B Box price includes the set of activities needed to launch a fully functional sales platform. As part of the cooperation we will:

  • Prepare and install the Magento 2 environment, the B2B Box template and a set of functional modules.
  • Configure the Magento platform in the area of the selected language version, product management, order processing, warehouse management and analytics.
  • Adapt the template to the graphic design and branding.
  • Integrate the platform with the ERP system.
  • Implement selected functionalities.
  • Carry out functional tests.
  • Conduct training in the use of the shop from the level of the administration panel.
  • Prepare technical documentation.
Ebook about B2B ecommerce

Work with us!

We are an e-commerce agency with 14 years of experience on the Polish and foreign markets. We have completed dozens of B2B and B2C projects, supporting the digital transformation of businesses. We invest in the quality of service and lasting relationships - many of our clients have only turned to us for an audit and stayed for years of effective cooperation. We are an Adobe Gold Partner and one of 11 platinum Shopware partners worldwide. 

If you are looking for a company to help you launch your online sales - contact us! Together we will work out and implement the best strategy to grow your business.

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