2023 is behind us! What happened in the second half of the year?

Aneta Barth

e ended 2023 with a sense of a job well done, opportunities seized and intensive development, both on an organisational and individual level. Webinars, onsite events, ebooks, awards, training sessions, team integrations - these are just a substitute for what has been happening at our company over the past six months. In this article you will find a detailed summary of the most interesting events of the second half of the year at Strix.


As we are one of Shopware's leading partners, we have actively participated in the Shopware Unplugged podcast, created by the Shopware community. In July, we took part in another episode in which Katarzyna Sokół-Borek, Customer Success Director at Strix, Freek Bos, IT, Data & Integration Manager, and Dennis Griemink, Head of Marketing & e-Commerce discussed how online sales can support business growth, using the Miron Glass case study as an example.


There really was a lot going on in September! We started the month by organising the first edition of Shopware Training, a month-long practical course for developers. The idea for the event came about with the growing popularity of the Shopware platform and the increasing demand for professionals working with this technology. It aimed to help our developers develop their skills related to this platform. Shopware Training was led by Jisse Reitsma - an experienced trainer of Magento, Shopware, React and Vue technologies, who has been helping organisations and individual experts develop new digital solutions for nearly 15 years. The month-long course covered 4 subject areas: architecture, frontend, backend and advanced topics on implementation and production. The exact agenda for the course can be found in this article.

We also took part in a unique conference - Retail Challenge Poland, during which Borys Skraba, CEO of Strix, gave a presentation on "What should e-commerce invest in in 2024?". It was 2 days filled with inspiring lectures, the opportunity to listen to more than 120 speakers and the most current topics in the industry. We are glad that we were able to take part! 

There was also plenty to celebrate in September! The project we carried out together with Medicover won a statuette in the e-Commerce Poland Awards.  The first medical marketplace in Poland, Medistore, was selected by the jury in the Best Adaptation to New Digital Reality category. The awards ceremony took place at a gala event, and the following day we, together with e-Isba, invited the gala participants to breakfast at our Krakow office to celebrate the success and talk in an informal atmosphere. If you would like to know more about the Medistore implementation, read this article.


On 26 October in Katowice, our Head of Business Development Łukasz Woźnica took part in the panel discussion 'From Vision to Victory - Building and developing a company' during the European SME Congress. The 13th edition of this event focused primarily on the adaptation of companies to the changing market, which is an essential element of building an effective development strategy in a competitive business environment.


In November, we organised one of the most important events of the year for us in Kraków, namely the 3rd edition of the Hello Shopware PL conference, previously known as Shopware United Days. During this year's event, we focused primarily on presenting the technological aspect of building sales platforms, so the event was mainly aimed at developers, engineers, project managers and product owners. During the conference, we covered topics such as headless technology, plugin development with Symfony, modular frontend and enterprise-class project management. You can read more about Hello Shopware PL in the article.

In November, the Open Eyes Economy Summit, an international congress on the economics of value, took place in Kraków. The event was focused on topics close to our hearts, such as social values in business, sustainable development and innovation, so we could not miss it! Łukasz Woźnica, Head of Business Development at Strix, was a speaker, who talked about the opportunities related to the foreign expansion of Polish companies and hinted at how to avoid potential risks associated with international business.

One more stationary event took place this month, namely a B2B lunch in Poznań. During the meeting, we talked about online sales in B2B, key trends and innovations in e-commerce and shared knowledge about the latest technologies, ways to optimise purchasing processes, as well as effective online business relationship building. Speakers included representatives from companies such as Ebury, Faktoria and Ergonode. 

November was full of events, but we have also prepared valuable material for you to read - an ebook on the ideal returns procedure. From the material you will learn:

  • What regulations govern the return policy in e-commerce.
  • What customers expect from returns.
  • What you can do to reduce the number of returns.
  • How to design an ideal returns procedure.
  • How to optimise returns during sales peaks.

In addition, Borys Skraba, CEO of Strix appeared on the cover of Logistics! In the theme of the issue, he discussed the state of Polish cross-border trade, pointed out the biggest e-commerce challenges and talked about the growing potential of online sales. The magazine is available in two versions: print and online. You can read them on the magazine's website.


The culmination of the intensive work in 2023 was the company Christmas Eve, where we had the opportunity to see each other in person, talk in an informal atmosphere, wish each other well and thank each other for the successes we have achieved over the past 12 months. It has been a good year! The appetite grows as we eat, so we feel there is a lot more good to come!

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