Do you want to launch a marketplace for your brand? We create B2C/B2B marketplace platforms based on our experience in implementing the most challenging e-commerce systems for industry leaders such as Castorama, Modivo or Tous.

Marketplace architecture

An efficient marketplace requires the preparation of an appropriate architecture that will allow you to scale your business and handle large amounts of shopping traffic. As part of our cooperation, we will prepare a project roadmap, choose technologies and solutions that will meet the unique needs of your business.

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Composable Commerce

We build marketplaces using a composable commerce approach. Unlike creating a monolith, composable commerce allows you to select best-in-class solutions to perfectly match your business goals.

Composable commerce is a future-proof and system development-oriented solution. It uses modern technologies such as microservices, API, headless to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the e-commerce market.

Gartner predicts that by 2023, organizations that have adopted a composable commerce approach will be 80% ahead of the competition in terms of the speed with which they implement new features (

UX/UI on the marketplace

UX design is crucial when it comes to properly presenting the marketplace business model and a clear presentation of multiple vendors' offerings on the product card, categorization, or checkout. A well-crafted UX design will help shape the shopping experience and make sure that the customer goes through the purchase path without any problems, ultimately making a purchase.

We design marketplaces according to the latest Baymard Institute standards and heuristics. We will make sure that your customers have the best possible shopping experience, which will translate into increased conversions and sales.

Implementation of a marketplace

We have experience implementing challenging e-commerce platforms for brands, handling multimillion user traffic to the site and supporting hundreds of thousands of products. If necessary, we will also create a proof of concept, i.e. a quick launch of your project for business verification.

We will carry out the implementation of the marketplace using proven sales platforms such as: Magento, Shopware, Mirakl marketplace platform or product information management systems (Ergonode).

Marketplace case study

Read how we prepared a proof of concept marketplace for the financial industry.

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