Order Management System

We create and implement advanced order management systems tailored to the business processes of your organization. Flexible and agile order management will allow you to meet the ever-growing expectations of your customers, who require the purchase process to be seamless regardless of whether they buy from an online store, mobile app or marketplace.

Order management in e-commerce

Order management in an online shop includes tracking a product from the moment of purchase to the time of delivery to the customer. It covers all processes, systems and operations related to order fulfillment.

Order management can be divided into 3 basic areas:

  • Placing an order - the customer buys a product in one of the sales channels, and then gets a notification about the stages of order processing.
  • Fulfillment - includes all activities related to distribution of the purchased product, finding the goods, packing them and sending them to the customer.
  • Inventory management - monitoring stock levels, availability of goods and their location.

What is order management system

Order Management System streamlines order management in e-commerce. Order Management Systems (OMS) provide automation of the service process - from the moment a product is purchased in an e-commerce store to the delivery of the shipment to the customer. With an order management system, you ensure fast, personalized and error-free order fulfillment, providing customers with a consistent shopping experience across all sales channels.

order management system eommerce

OMS increases customer satisfaction

An order management system has a positive impact on building unique customer shopping experiences. OMS systems are designed to make order coordination easy. When you implement an order management system, both your organization and your customers will experience tangible benefits.

Advantages of OMS in e-commerce

Faster delivery

OMS is a way to deliver orders faster. When a customer purchases a product, the order management system selects the nearest warehouse or location so that the products reaches the customer as quickly as possible.

Fewer errors

OMS optimizes and streamlines multichannel inventory management. It helps you avoid customer loss, shipping delays and reduce order fulfillment costs.


OMS is a solution for businesses that want to grow and sell across multiple channels and markets. The order management system will grow with your business.


OMS gives you an accurate and complete overview of your inventory across all possible channels and locations - efficient order management is key to a successful omnichannel strategy.

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