Talking about composable commerce in the heart of Warsaw

Katarzyna Gądek

n June 6 in Warsaw, in the unique spaces of Warsaw Spire, we held a business lunch, organized together with commercetools, our technology partner. The event was aimed at meeting the most important e-commerce market players in Poland and representatives of commercetools, a leader in composable commerce solutions.

Among the invited guests were representatives of the largest e-commerce companies in Poland, innovative entrepreneurs and experts associated with the development of e-commerce. The meeting provided an excellent opportunity to exchange experiences, establish business contacts and gain knowledge about the latest trends and technologies in e-commerce.

The main partner of the event was commercetools, a company known for its innovative platform. During the meeting, which lasted several hours, a presentation was held, during which Alexander Krüger, Account Executive at commercetools presented the tool, and Magdalena Limanówka-Kuciel, CTO of Strix presented the benefits of architecture based on composable commerce. 

commercetools is a digital software provider and creator of the term Headless Commerce. The company enables organizations to innovate and grow by providing flexible APIs and executing omnichannel strategies. The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany, with other offices throughout Europe, Asia and the United States.

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