German e-commerce agency webweit rebrands to Strix

Katarzyna Gądek

commerce agency webweit, which implements solutions based on Shopware and Shopify Plus, is undergoing rebranding and changing its name to Strix, after the March merge and joining the Strix Group. The rebranding of the German company is a consequence of the realization of the strategy of building digital commerce player with international reach. 

After over a decade of operating under the webweit name, the agency decides to adopt the Strix branding (a brand founded in Poland) and to make the name more consistent with other entities within the group in order to create even better and comprehensive services for its global clientele.

As soon as webweit joined the Strix Group structures, we knew we were gaining a strong and experienced partner. Each of the combined companies brings great value along with knowledge of the local market context and specific consumer behavior. Rebranding is a natural step in building the image of an entity with European reach. Borys Skraba, CEO of Strix Poland and Managing Director at Strix Group 

This strategic move will allow the companies to make fuller use of each other's resources, expertise and experience, enhancing the quality of e-commerce solutions offered. The brand's clients will benefit from a full range of services, including consulting, implementation, personalization and optimization of e-commerce platforms.

Our rebranding experience  has shown that operating within a larger group and under a unified name provides more opportunities to grow our organization, as well as our client's business. Rebranding has also given us the opportunity to examine our strategic goals and values, and make sure they are fully reflected in our new image. It was a chance for us to rethink our mission and better align with the needs of our customers. Marc-Paul Brandt, CEO Strix NL, Managing Director at Strix Group 

Strix DE will be responsible for providing comprehensive e-commerce solutions for customers in the DACH region. By joining forces, the companies will gain access to a larger customer base, expand their product portfolio and strengthen their operational and innovative capabilities.

Since its founding, webweit has established itself as a leader in e-commerce solutions (primarily those based on the Shopware platform), providing customers with innovative tools and technologies that enable them to succeed in a dynamic e-commerce environment. 

Adopting the Strix branding is not only a name change, but also a strategic move that will enable us to develop, grow and deliver even better services to our customers around the world. The name change will only strengthen us in carrying out our mission. We will continue to focus on providing cutting-edge e-commerce solutions, helping our clients grow their businesses and achieve higher goals. Under the new branding, we will continue our innovative approach and commitment to delivering the best results. Marten Lehmann, CEO Strix DE, Managing Director at Strix Group 

The webweit team, together with the rest of the entities in the Strix Group, will work on a harmonious process of adopting the new branding. The plan is to gradually implement an image that reflects the synergistic values and mission of the combined companies. Under the joint branding, Strix Group serves customers in the CEE, DACH and Benelux regions.

For many years we have been building our brand, earning the trust of our customers and partners. However, in the dynamic world of business, you have to be ready to change and adapt to new challenges. Our rebranding is just such a step into the future. A new image, a new name and new opportunities all represent key steps forward for our organization. Florian Borchers, COO Strix DE

Strix Group is a dynamically developing European e-commerce agency. Following its recent expansion, Strix operates in the Netherlands (Utrecht), Poland (Krakow) and Germany (Frankfurt), serving clients in these countries as well as in Sweden, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

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