Shopware 6 implementation for Husse

Paulina Jóźwik

usse, a Swedish producer of dog and cat food, has joined the group of our customers. As part of the cooperation, we are implementing an e-commerce platform for the client based on Shopware 6 Enterprise Edition and Ergonode -product information management system.

Commerce Blueprint Workshops

So far, as part of our cooperation with Husse, we have conducted workshops using our own Commerce Blueprint method. During the 2-day training we managed to work out the needs of the project in every area of Commerce Blueprint - business goals, project vision, business unit policies & digital products journey. Thanks to the preparation of these issues, we were able to offer the client solutions best suited to their business needs. In the next steps we will implement for Husse e-commerce system (Shopware 6), PIM (Ergonode). Commerce Blueprint Workshops

Work on the implementation of our solutions has already started. We have chosen Shopware, because it is a flexible solution that develops dynamically, which will allow us to adapt the system to the needs of our client. Soon the new e-commerce service will be launched, which we are very happy about - Borys Skraba, CEO  Strix.

About Shopware 6

Shopware 6 is a modern e-commerce platform, using the latest technologies. The platform offers good support for SEO & social media sales. Also, the system for creating content is simple and intuitive.

About Ergonode

Ergonode is an open-source PIM solution that makes managing product information easy and efficient. It is a simple and ergonomic platform that allows managing the distribution of multiple products to multiple channels (omnichannel).

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