We were at Impact'23! – Conference summary

Julia Łączyńska

mpact is the most prestigious business and technology event in Central and Eastern Europe. This year's edition was attended by top managers, experts, politicians, and public figures from all over the world, so Strix representatives could not miss it.

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Two days full of knowledge and networking

8 stages, more than 600 speakers, 23 thematic tracks, 70 agenda hours – this is how this year's edition of Impact'23 conference, looks in numbers. The event, which took place on May 10-11, featured leading managers, entrepreneurs, experts, politicians, and public figures worldwide. Natalie Portman, David Wengrow, Valerie Jarrett of the Obama Foundation, Raja Rajamannar of MasterCard, Adam Tooze of Columbia University, Ana Paula De Jesus Assis of IBM, Rahel Solomon of CNN, and U.S. Ambassador to Poland Mark Brzezinski were just a few names out of more than 600 speakers who appeared at Impact'23. Strix was also there!

Natalie Portman Impact 2023
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Implementing the marketplace platform in 3 months - a success story

On the first day of the conference, we organized a business lunch together with BBK – the owner of the Home&You brand. During the meeting we told about the project we implemented for the client – we launched the marketplace in just 3 months! Providing a joint perspective of the implementation on the side of the e-commerce agency and the brand was a great value of the presentation.

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'There are few events in Poland that so neatly combine the networking aspect with the substantive layer. The cross-sectional, wide range of presentations, organizational momentum, and the biggest names from the world of media and business are undoubtedly impressive. The popularity of the Impact conference shows how much development potential CEE countries have in the digital economy. I am glad that, as Strix, we could make our contribution to this event.' - Katarzyna Gądek, Marketing Manager at Strix

What went wrong in the European e-commerce market?

One of the speakers at the Impact'23 conference was Strix CEO Borys Skraba, who analyzed the biggest mistakes of e-commerces on the European market. Borys pointed out the dangers of misplaced investments, inefficient internal structure, and neglecting to maintain relationships with existing customers, which contribute to increased costs and, at the same time, worse sales results. He also pointed out the directions for online stores that bring the best results in 2023.

Borys Skraba Impact'23
Source: Impact

Digital customer engagement and gender diversity in new technologies

On the second day of the conference, we took part in two panel discussions. 

Magdalena Limanowka-Kuciel - CTO at Strix was a participant in a conversation about the role of women and gender diversity in new technologies. The public still holds the myth that technology professions are typically "male". Fortunately, this belief is now a relic of the past in the modern business environment. This topic is close to us, because at Strix female managers, programmers, designers and analysts are the foundation of our daily work.

Magdalena Limanówka-Kuciel Impact'23

The second panel discussion was about digital customer engagement and how to fully realize the digital promise. Łukasz Woźnica, who holds the position of Head of Business Development at Strix and specializes in building business awareness of the market situation and audience expectations, participated in the conversation.

Łukasz Woźnia Impact'23
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Is it possible to sell today without e-commerce?

Conferences of such scale as Impact are an opportunity to talk to key industry media. A journalist from Puls Biznesu asked Borys Skraba whether today's sales can exist without e-commerce, how the pandemic has affected the market and customer expectations, and in which direction will modern online commerce develop. The answers to these questions can be found in this interview. 

Source: Impact

We have an impact!

Why do we go to industry conferences? We want to establish business relationships, attract customers, build an image as experts, and boast about our achievements. But above all, it is an opportunity to exchange and update the state of knowledge. The market is changing rapidly, and joint discussion of new directions of development allows us to move forward, reach for innovations and continue to expand our horizons. We thank the organizers, participants, and speakers of Impact'23 for this opportunity. See you soon!

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