How do we work at Strix? With our unique work culture, we've created a space that not only attracts great employees, but is also a breeding ground for real talent.


Half of the year is behind us! What has happened?

We've entered 2023 with momentum and it seems that each month brings even more! Conferences, webinars, ebooks, and mergers. Summing up the first half of the year, we cannot believe how much we’ve achieved. And we are just getting started!

Team-building meeting for all Strixers in the heart of Cracow!

O‍n the 16th of June in Krakow a team-building meeting for all Strixers took place! Teams from Poland, the Netherlands and Germany had a chance to get to know each other better by playing city games, bowling and having fun till the morning!

What tissue paper, an egg and an owl have in common - Strix 2022 team-building trip

Do you think that programming, project management or testing skills are the only talents our employees have? Nothing could be further from the truth! The autumn team-building trip only confirmed that our team are versatile people.

How do we approach to design on the Commerce UX Design team at Strix?

Over the years we have developed our own approach to UX design, in which we try to combine what is most important in e-commerce websites - attractive design and an unique shopping experience for customers. What is our approach?

Celebrating Strixers' long working life

Did you know that we have people in our company who have been with us for 5 or even 10 years? We are glad to have onboard a group of people who have decided to stay with us for many years.

Benefits at Strix. What are the advantages of coach & trainer support?

Read the interview with Ewa Brach-Pogoda, who supports our employees in achieving their development goals. Ewa is an experienced trainer who has been teaching bosses, managers, and employees how to talk to their co-workers and how to build relationships to ensure greater effectiveness at work.

Let's work together

If you want to move your sales to the online world, are looking for new ideas for strategy or innovative e-commerce technologies - write to us! We will be happy to talk about the best solutions for your business.