Dutch ShopWorks merges with Polish Strix to create European e-commerce agency

Katarzyna Gądek

new business coalition for the exchange of knowledge, resources and the development of modern e-commerce.

Strix, one of Poland's leading ecommerce agencies, announced today it has merged with ShopWorks - a full service e-commerce agency based in The Netherlands. Both agencies, now with a total of 160 e-commerce specialists, focus on designing, building and optimising digital commerce platforms for clients based on Shopware, Adobe Commerce (Magento) and Shopify (Plus) technologies, with focus on solutions like headless PWA and composable commerce. 

The merger strengthens both entities, as ShopWorks obtains valuable access to high-class development teams based in Central Eastern-Europe and Strix opens the path to drive growth in Benelux, Germany and other markets of Western Europe. Borys Skraba (CEO Strix) and Marc-Paul Brandt (CEO ShopWorks, former founder of eFocus (acquired by Valtech)) form the board of the new organisation, as managing directors. The terms of the deal are not being disclosed. 

The merger will broaden the group’s offer and help to drive growth and capabilities both in Western and in Central Europe. We are looking forward to taking advantage of synergies, in order to strengthen the competences and seize business opportunities for ShopWorks and Strix. With this arrangement we will be able to deliver a more comprehensive offer to the markets, capitalising on compatibility of competences available in our teams - said Borys Skraba, CEO of Strix.

ShopWorks, founded in 2011, is a recognized player in the Dutch e-commerce market. There are currently more than 30 ShopWorkers working for clients in both B2B and D2C, in projects such as Skins Cosmetics, WAHTS, Tuindeco or the prestigious Rijksmuseum of Amsterdam. ShopWorks was recently named as Shopware's only Platinum partner in the Netherlands. 

We are proud to have merged with Strix. There had already been a long-standing partnership between the two agencies, which arose from the Shopware community. Strix's DNA and vision are fully aligned with that of ShopWorks and we both strongly believe that scale is necessary in today's market - said Marc-Paul Brandt.

Strix, founded in 2009 in Krakow, Poland, works for a broad client portfolio, which features Central Europe’s leading brands like Castorama, Decathlon, Modivo or Tous Jewellery. The agency is Adobe Gold partner, Magento Enterprise partner and Shopware Gold partner. This Polish-based ecommerce agency caters to a triple as big of a portfolio of customers than its’ Dutch counterpart and has a broad team of IT and development experts, experienced widely in Magento implementations and headless and PWA solutions. 

The biggest challenge of growth at a digital agency is the large shortage of developers in the Netherlands. The merger will allow our teams to scale up much faster with development talent from Poland. We can now also develop e-commerce platforms based on Adobe Commerce (Magento) for Dutch clients - adds Marc-Paul Brandt.

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